Broken Heart

Days passed, nights went away... i am still there but you are not here.. the wet touch of your still there in my heart you are nowhere around me.. but the sweet fragnance of your shirt is still with me Everyday i pray and hope to find  you staring at me like you used... Continue Reading →


Social Media : Boon Or Bane to Society?

"Social Media : Boon or Bane to Society? " , A very interactive but very common topic in today's time for discussion. In every third school or college debate or Group Discussion people come up with this topic to discuss on. I remember, I faced this topic twice in two debate competitions organised by different... Continue Reading →

Bodh Gaya : Buddham saranam gacchami

"Buddham saranam gacchami Dhammam saranam gacchami Sangham saranam gacchami.” A very popular buddhist chant which we can every here or there. Buddhism is a religious sect started in india only. This is not about buddhism but one of the most important pilgrimage site of buddhists "Bodh Gaya". Bodh Gaya, is a small village in Gaya... Continue Reading →


I sleep in the clouds, dream in the sky, I'll keep dreaming as life passes me by, I think my dreams keep me sane, I dream of happiness, a life without pain, some people say I'm stuck in this place, and I'll never go anywhere, but in my dreams I've already been there, I know... Continue Reading →

Durgostav: Brief Look Inside

"Pujo-pujo gondho" .. a very familiar and household phrase of all the Bengalis during this period of year. In the month of sep-oct the festive mode gets turned on among all indians but especially among the bengalis. Mostly it is celebrated as Navratra but in West Bengal it is called Durgostav (Durga Pujo). The enthusiasm... Continue Reading →

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